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Easy Travel Tours, a subsidiary of Events by Ashe is the brain child of Esha Herbert-Davis.

Esha Herbert-Davis

As a natural globe trotter, Esha found a love for different cultures at an early age.  She especially loves Trinidadian culture and has parentage from this beautiful country and even lived there for several years.  The explosion of color, rhythm, bliss and revelry know as Trinidad Carnival is one that she has experienced almost annually for 20 years!  

Over time, Esha discovered the need for professionals who would love to travel, however have not done so because they didn't want to travel alone.  She also learned of a need for a group trip that was a little out of the ordinary, where clients could not only see a new place, but also get immersed in the culture and learn something fun!  She especially enjoys sharing the "Greatest show on earth"  experience with "Carnival virgins" who are new to the Carnival culture.

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